Canadian Citizenship Requirements

You are eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship if:

Permanent Resident

Individuals with a PR Status in Canada are eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship.


In order to qualify for Citizenship, you may need to show proof of your tax filing status in addition to proof of filings. There may be exemptions to this requirement.


In order to become a citizen, you must prove language skills by providing evidence of language ability. This can be in the form of a test or other abilities. There may be exemptions from this requirement.

Have lived in Canada for
3 out of the last 5 Years

You must have completed a duration of 3 years or more to qualify for citizenship.

No Criminal Convictions or
other Inadmissabilities

You must not be convicted of any wrongdoings or committed acts making you inadmissible.

Pass citizenship

You must qualify and pass the citizenship test conducted by the Government to get your Canadian citizenship. There may be exemptions from this requirement.

Stress Free Process

We work very efficiently and very fast. A lawyer is always involved.
Using our service will take the stress away from you preparing the application. We have you covered from start to finish.
Our process is very simple

  • Initial consultation
  • Onboarding (opening your file)
  • Preparing the application using leading edge technology and smart questionnaires
  • Perfecting the application and submitting it
  • Decision and Oath Taking instructions
  • Instructions of what to do during the process (writing a test, additional document requests, etc.)
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Our Clients Success Stories

Kurzfeld Law Firm is one of the most reliable and patient immigration law firms. My case was tricky, and I’d been trying to apply for citizenship, but through the guidance i received, I got my citizenship.

- Marie Germanotta

I applied for my citizenship through Kurzfeld Law Firm and got all the help and guidance I was looking for. From helping me collect the proper documents to applying, my citizenship process was very smooth.

- Nihal Sharma

Kurzfeld Law Firm is highly efficient, professional, and reliable. I am completely satisfied having worked with them to gain citizenship for my wife and me. We highly recommend their services.

- Liu Chang

Our Pricing For Canadian Citizenship

Our fees to prepare the application and represent you are simply unbeatable.

Initial consultation $125 plus hst

(credited back when we start the case)

  • It can be conducted by video, phone or in person (Toronto Office only). We will review your case and discuss the strategy, process, prospects of success, processing times.

LEGAL FEE - Application For Citizenship $750 plus hst

(one applicant) – installment of 10 months ($75) – Get your citizenship for just $75/Per Month

  • Additional Adult dependents (over 18 years of age) $199 plus hst
  • Additional dependents (Minors) : NO ADDITIONAL FEE


Citizenship certificates

$500 plus hst ($50 for 10 months)

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Our Qualified Team of Citizenship Lawyers is Here For You

Applying for Citizenship in Canada can be a cumbersome, lengthy and slightly complicated process. It requires meeting requirements such as residency, language interviews with residency judges in certain cases. In order to successfully complete your citizenship application, contact our firm. We have over 20+ years of experience in the domain and have helped many clients to attain successful citizenship in Canada. We ensure your documents are properly submitted and all steps and legal guidelines are adhered to. Our law offices can assist you to attain Canadian Citizenship.

Which Documents are Required?

  • Original printout of the physical presence calculator
  • Application for Canadian Citizenship
  • Photocopies of the biographical pages of all valid and expired passports or travel documents
  • Photocopies of two pieces of personal identification documents
  • Photocopies of your proof of language proficiency
  • Proof of income tax filing when applicable
  • Original police clearance certificates when applicable
  • Proof of Application fee payment

This is just a general list of documents; additional supporting documents may be required depending on individual circumstances. We will customize your list when we start the application process.

Why Choose Us
The Law Offices Of Canada

20+ years of stellar experience

Powered by Kurzfeld Law, we bring over 20+ years of experience in the field of immigration law. We understand the various legal nuances of applying for citizenship and have helped many clients clients achieve a desired outcome.

Personal Attention

We treat every case and client with utmost care and respect and give them our undivided attention. We ensure to provide tailored and customized solutions to your case to help you attain your goal of citizenship.

Use of Leading Edge Technology and Data Mining

We use leading edge cloud technology and smart questionnaires. Simply put, this makes the preparation process extremely efficient, fast and accurate thereby eliminating unnecessary mistakes which can cause delays or refusals. Given our vast experience, we can mine data acquired over the years to make reasonable predictions about the process and trends.

Valued Testimonials

We are one of the highest rated citizenship lawyers with client testimonials to back up our work. Our clientele is extremely satisfied with our services.

Immigration and Citizenship Focused Law Firm

Our law firm is focused in providing solutions to various citizenship cases and issues that may arise. Our team of lawyers come with tremendous experience and field work of having helped thousands of clients.

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Our professional fees are simply unbeatable (as compared with other law firms). More importantly we provide very reasonable payments plans.

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