Questions asked during a Citizenship Interview

At the time of the Canadian citizenship interview, an immigration officer asks questions to assess the applicant’s knowledge of Canada’s history, government, and values. The interview consists of two parts: the first is an assessment of the applicant’s ability to speak and understand English or French, and the second is a knowledge test.

The knowledge test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions covering various topics, including Canadian history, geography, government, and citizenship rights and responsibilities. The questions are randomly selected from a pool of questions provided by the Canadian government, and applicants must answer at least 15 out of 20 questions correctly to pass the test.

Some sample questions from the pool include:

  • What are the three branches of the Canadian government?
  • Who is the head of state in Canada?
  • What fundamental freedoms are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

In addition to the knowledge test, the immigration officer may ask personal questions about the applicant’s background, education, and employment history. These questions are designed to verify the information on the application form and assess the applicant’s overall eligibility for citizenship.

All in all, the citizenship interview is an important step in the application process and requires careful preparation. Applicants should review the citizenship study guide provided by the Canadian government and practice answering sample questions to ensure they are well-prepared for the interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Canadian citizenship interview?

The Canadian citizenship interview is a meeting between a citizenship officer and an applicant. The officer reviews the applicant’s application, asks questions, and verifies the information provided. The session typically takes up to 90 minutes.

What questions do they ask at the Canadian citizenship interviews?

The questions asked during the interview revolve around Canada’s history, culture, and government. The questions are designed to assess the applicant’s knowledge and also cover questions concerning the applicant’s residency status and criminal record.

How many interviews are there for citizenship?

Most Canadian citizenship applicants only have to attend one interview. However, additional interviews may be required if there are issues with the application or if further information is needed to decide.

What is next after the Canadian citizenship interview?

The applicant will receive a letter with the result of their citizenship application. If approved, the applicant will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony to take the Oath of Citizenship and receive their citizenship. The date of the ceremony will be mentioned in the letter.

What happens on the day of citizenship interview?

On the day of the interview, the applicant will meet a citizenship officer who will review their documents, ask questions, and decide on the application. The applicant must also bring all the necessary documents as they will be reviewed.


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