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It is not too much to say that Saskatchewan is the breadbasket of Canada. The province alone accounts for nearly 50 percent of all of Canada’s total field crop acreage (in 2016) according to Statistics Canada.

Agriculture is in the very roots of Saskatchewan. Even the emblem of the province pays homage to its agricultural heritage with wheat sheaves featuring in it. It is no surprise then that the province is so willing to encourage farming activity in the region. And one such way is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

Whereas Express Entry is the most popular route of entry for newcomers looking to take up residence in Canada, SINP offers a novel way to come to Canada. Saskatchewan has three categories for its nomination program:

International Skilled worker

This is for international workers who have a skilled job offer from the province. It also includes those who are highly skilled in a high-demand occupation in Saskatchewan but do not have a job offer. People part of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s Express Entry pool and have skilled work experience in a high-demand occupation are also eligible.

Experience Category –

Nominations under this category are for skilled foreign workers who are already living in the province. For instance, it can include people who have work permits or professionals engaged in providing healthcare services. Those working in the hospitality sector are also eligible. However, their employer must have received approval before the applicant started work in Canada. Those working for an approved trucking firm and students from a recognized institution in Canada can also apply.

Entrepreneur and Farm –

This category is for people who wish to invest their management skills and capital in Saskatchewan, establishing or acquiring a business in the province; or those who are looking to invest capital into Saskatchewan’s farming operation.

And it’s in that last point can one ‘buy a farm’ to become an immigrant under SINP.

Eligibility Requirements Under Sinp 

Under its Farm Owner/Operator Category, Saskatchewan offers applicants and their families the opportunity to buy a farm in the province. You are required to visit the province for a minimum of five business days to explore Saskatchewan before the SINP application process starts. During your visit, you must also meet a SINP representative.

Thereafter, you can submit an application under SINP. This includes all documents under the document checklist you are required to fulfill.  Also, proof of net worth has to be sent. Finally, you may have to attend an interview to verify the information you have provided.

Unlike Express Entry, the province is directly involved with SINP. You will be required to sign a ‘Business Performance Agreement’ once you are approved under SINP. This is written specifically for your immigration application. Further, you must make a $75,000 Good Faith Deposit.

Financial Commitment and Farming Proposal

Saskatchewan’s Immigrant Nominee Program has a number of eligibility criteria, including a minimum net worth requirement of $500,000 (or $300,000, depending on your age), which has been acquired by legal means. A Ministry-approved third party carries out this verification. SINP also requires prior farming experience. This means experience growing certain agricultural crops and running a farming operation.

Saskatchewan also expects a statement on farm proposal viability which explains the feasibility of establishing the farming operation in the province.

Therefore, ‘buying a farm’ can help you become a Saskatchewan immigrant nominee, though more likely than not, simply having the funds to buy a farm will not be enough. Simply buying a farm is not a guarantee, instead, under SINP, officials want to see you have past experience running farms successfully; that the ownership and operation of the farm will be your primary business; and that you will benefit the province’s economy in the long run.

Ronen Kurzfeld Makes Navigating Sinp Easier 

These are complex requirements requiring a carefully planned application. It is not sufficient just to show you have the resources to purchase a farm; you must be able to show that you have prior farming experience and a background in farming. The Kurzfeld Immigration Law Firm can help you prove your status successfully under SINP.

The Farm Category of SINP requires applicants to make a very significant investment – financial and business. This commitment only increases once you are invited to apply for the SINP. The Good Faith Deposit, financial disclosures and the business proposal are some examples of this. An immigration lawyer like Citizenship Lawyer will help make sure your efforts are not made in vain.

Moreover, there are formalities involved if you decide to withdraw your application at a later stage. We will help you get your deposit refunded and paperwork returned to you as soon as it becomes available. It will save you the hassle of having to pursue the various channels of Saskatchewan and Canada’s federal Express Entry system.

Experienced Immigration Lawyer 

We have the experience to prepare a comprehensive SINP package. We will put forward your case for nomination in the manner and terms the province finds appealing. Our team will prepare you and your application in the right way. SINP should see you as the lucrative investment you can be for the province. Get in touch with us today to understand how we can make your dream a reality. Own and operate a farming business in Canada with a minimum of fuss and effort.