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Immigration Lawyer

Prepare these 4 Questions When You’re Out to Consult an Immigration Lawyer

By December 17, 2022May 3rd, 2023No Comments

Recently, though Canada’s Express Entry system it has now issued 17,850 Invitations to apply for permanent residentship in Canada. So, if you’re already eligible for the categories listed under the EES, then it is best that you quickly hire the immigration lawyer, to ensure that you apply for your permanent residentship the correct way.

However, if you’re a first timer opting to consult an immigration lawyer, chances are you might be flabbergasted on the how to select the best attorney form the rest.

Well, no issues, this article will prepare you on the questions to ask your lawyer, to ensure that you’re hiring the most capable one.

Q.1 What Kind of Experience does He/she have?

Ask your lawyer how long he has worked as an immigration lawyer. Additionally, ask him/her if he/she is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) since you’re dealing with the US immigration law. Apart from this, question your consulting attorney on his/her experience in dealing with government officials and how he/she fares in the court.

Lastly, explain your case to the selected lawyer and ask him/her if they’ve dealt with cases like yours, and the chance of your success in all things goes according to plan.

Q.2 What are you Required to do when dealing with Immigration Forms?

Ask your consulting attorney on the type of paperwork and documents you need to provide for making your immigration forms faultless. Talk and explain your case, and get their insight on what your role is for the migration endeavor to precede faultlessly.

The immigration lawyer will understand your needs and confidently guide you in the right direction to ensure that your form is perfect.

Q.3 What is the Expected Timeline for Your Case?

Immigration isn’t an easy deal. Only the immigration lawyer, who’s dealt with cases like yours will be able to guide you in the right course of direction. He/she will educate you on the timeline for your case, and even explain which procedures will take up maximum time.

So, only pick a lawyer that has an insight on how long a case like yours will likely last and what are the overall chances of success.

Q.4 How Can Your Consulting Lawyer Help You?

The next question that you must ask your immigration lawyer is how they can help you. Immigration is not entirely about filling out the forms and attaching the right documents. The immigration lawyer will guide you on flaws in documents, steps to fix it, ways to write persuasive forms etc.

Additionally, he/she will chalk out migration plans for you while making sure to stick by your side even after the board approves of your citizenship. The reason is even after the Canadian government approves of your claim, there are certain protocols to follow, or else your citizenship is terminated.

A good lawyer will educate you on how to conduct your business in accordance with these protocols to make sure your citizenship stays legal.

Well, now that you’re aware of the question to prepare, ask these out and find yourself the immigration lawyer. Once you find an attorney that fits you, don’t worry you’ll get your citizenship soon.