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When it comes to immigrants, Canada has always been one of the top choices. It is a country of immigrants as one can see people from various countries reside here and lead a good life. ever since in 1982, there was legislation passed for multiculturalism, the country became more prominent of a place for the people around the world to settle in. In the last 7 decades, it is seen that the Ontario and Toronto have seen a much larger inflow of immigrants. However, among the two, Toronto has always been one of the top choices among people from other countries. Read further to learn about why Toronto is a top destination for new immigrants in Canada as explained by a Toronto immigration lawyer.

Some of the Big Reasons why Immigrants Love Settling in Toronto are:


People want to live in a safe community and support multiple cultures. As the population here in Toronto is diverse, people here live here with a larger compass for community emotions. There are smaller communities around the city, where one can find their people giving a sense of similarity. So whether you are from any country, you can find a significant number of people from the same country and place. This will help in making one more comfortable in the new place and give a sense of belongingness.

Better housing

Toronto might be a slight bit expensive when it comes to real estate, but it does have a very significant rental market for the newcomers of the city. As the number of newcomers is sprawling in, the number of housing opportunities is also rising. One can find various neighborhoods with great amenities and services like hospitals and schools that give out rental apartments and condos perfect for families. Also, there are a lot of options for those who want to save some money as there various budget-friendly options to choose form.

Amenities and services

For living a good life and get settled into a new place, one should also need to keep an eye out on the available amenities. Toronto provides a lot of services to their immigrant newcomers as there are free public school, easy city transit, healthcare even if one does not have an OHIP card, banking facilities, free English classes, etc. also under the city resources, one can get jobs by the help of a sponsor who is in the very same field. some banks are more than happy to accommodate the immigrants and their financial needs. Also one can find good jobs in private firms even in good positions if one is prepared and experienced enough.


Most of the facilities are tailored in a way that will help the immigrants in every possible term to get a life that they have expected while coming to Canada. Also, Toronto has a crime rate that is way lower than many other cities and is thus safe for all. So whether one is looking for a better life and job opportunities, wants to run from persecution or is fleeing war, Toronto is the place where one can feel like home. One can lead a good life living among sam culture people and also enjoying a huge cultural mosaic of society.