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Canada has a well deserved track record of a successful trading country, being a member of the G7 team of leading commercial countries. The country offers high standards of living, superb public infrastructure and top quality educational systems to its residents. Canada was stated as the best nation to stay consequently for 8 years from 1992-1999 by the U.N

The nation has an outstanding openly financed medical system known as Medicare. Canada has a solid international document of standing versus social discrimination and also oppression. Canada’s multicultural society owes its roots to an abundant record of immigration. Immigrants are drawn in to this nation as it promises stability, success, freedom as well as growth.1208

The immigration regulations in Canada are versatile as well as dual citizenship accepted. Canada has a growing economy that assures adequate employment opportunities and also development leads to its immigrants. Universities and institutes are understood for their high specifications and scholastic brilliance. A level from a Canadian college amounts an American degree. Canada is the 2nd biggest nation in the world with large domestic as well as international tourist sector. It is popular around the globe for its picturesque natural beauty. Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and also Ottawa are the four biggest cities in Canada, renowned for their national parks and also historic sites.

Migration to Canada requires a valid visitor visa. Visa can be obtained under short-lived as well as permanent resident groups. Temporary resident categories consist of temporary work visa, traveling visa, functioning holiday visa and also student visa. Permanent resident categories include work visa, business visa as well as family visa.

Temporary work visa to Canada allows Canadian employers to fund international employees in a selection of occupation ahead as well as work briefly in Canada. A travel visa to Canada is required for nationals from non temporary resident visa (TRV) excluded countries that want to visit Canada for vacation, meet friend or family or to perform a brief company trip.

The student visa to Canada allows overseas students to study at a number of its world class universities as well as colleges. The student visa enables pupils to examine at main, second or article second establishments or in a vocational or expert capability.

The Household Visa to Canada provides a unique opportunity for Canadian people and also permanent homeowners to sponsor their member of the family to Canada. For more info, consult with our immigration lawyer in Toronto, or call us for more info.